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EFA News – European Food Agency is the first press agency completely dedicated to the “agri-food” industry, in Italy and Europe. It is an independent newspaper, available only through subscription, promoted by a team of expert reporters in food and new technologies.

The Italian food industry is the second largest category of the manufacturing GDP, with a total turnover of more than EUR 132 billion, generated by almost 7,000 companies and about 385,000 employees. The Food industry in EU is the first component of the continental GDP. But in the public debate, most of the time food is considered as a commodity or a part of a broad world which includes haute cuisine, improvised chefs and a big variety of TV programs. Sometimes it is even worse when it becomes a space for ideological debates, or a source of public alarm for problems related to health and food safety. There is a real communication gap between the always more confusing customers and producers, who maybe are too focused on promotional marketing and less on reputational communication.

EFA News wants to bridge this gap, to provide successful visibility for food Made in Italy in the European context, and to become an eminent source and reference point for, not only specialized media professionals, but for all other sector stakeholders.

News services offered by EFA News are based on specific issues and bring benefits in terms of cost-effectiveness. Using the services of a non-specialized press agency in order to get the same information, means to pay a much higher price because you have to filter the news in order to separate that related to the food industry from that related to other industry sectors, which causes a waste of time and efficiency in human resource terms. Besides that, using the services of a non-specialized press agency means to giving up accessing information with a broad prospective and giving up an analysis of the food industry, based on sector-expertise criteria, and, therefore, more accurate and reliable.

Information and content produced by our news agency are communicated in our country and abroad thanks to the following web sites:,, a Youtube channel, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and through relevant news services as Google News.

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