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Romagnoli: Potatoes 100% eco-friendly

Experimentation with the University of Tuscia and Legambiente

Romagnoli F.lli Spa continues the path of research and innovation with a view to sustainability for the entire potato supply chain, in which the company operates from sowing to marketing and announces its commitment to a new experimentation that has as its objective the cultivation of potatoes in total harmony with the environment, ie obtained without the use of synthetic chemical plant protection products and copper. The new experimentation is carried out through the cultivation of tolerant varieties already tested: Levante, Twister and Alouette to which is added Constance, a variety also with agronomic characteristics that give it a considerable tolerance to downy mildew.

Partners of the project are the University of Tuscia, Dibaf and Legambiente, with which the Bolognese company has carried out experiments that have made it possible to test a new varietal generation of potatoes naturally tolerant to the main pathogens and to draw up a defense specification "Residuo Zero" cultivation, which allowed the company to be the first in Italy to obtain the "Residuo Zero Check Fruit" certification on potato cultivation.

As reported by the data from the consumer packaging observatory, created by Nomisma in collaboration with SpinLife, two out of three Italians favor purchases made in points of sale that present initiatives in favor of environmental sustainability, 7 out of 10 are willing to change the store in which they shop for food in favor of outlets that offer products with sustainable packaging. “Today companies are called upon to promote development models that are responsible for the environment and consumer food safety. However, this cannot ignore the recognition of the value of all the players in the supply chain to guarantee a truly sustainable product at 360 °, that is from an environmental, social and economic point of view ", comments Giulio Romagnoli , CEO of the company.

After the adoption of Sormapeel vertbag packaging, which reduces the use of plastic by -25% compared to traditional packaging in use, the company has implemented the PaperVertbag. A solution developed by Sorma Group, made of 100% recyclable FSC certified paper and equipped with a "window" equipped with a cellulose net, which allows the product to breathe, increasing its shelf-life.

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