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Baileys Treat Report photographs the sweet food trends of 2021

Phosphorescent glows, whipped air and ice cream macaroons are on the list

The Baileys Treat Report 2021 is here, created by the company of the well-known Irish whiskey with food futurologist Morgaine Gaye and a worldwide team of dessert makers. The report presents the hottest insights into global goodies and predicts upcoming trends for 2021.

The 10 trends identified are: "Oat Everything", oat flakes become protagonists while oat-based milk chocolates, ice creams, cheeses, yogurt, and thick cream are on the way, "I Should Cacao" the sweet cocoa pulp and fruity that is not seen, because it is usually discarded in the creation of chocolate; "Japanese Indulgence", Japanese influences include fluffy tall pancakes and "Taiyaki fish", in which a fluffy fish-shaped cone with a waffle-like dough is filled to the brim with ice cream, colored sugars , toppings and wafers; then there is the "Spread the Love" trend: salty spreads are now turning into goodies, from Gin to plum to Champagne butter.

"How's this for a glow-up?" Is the trend of fully edible algae that will find its way into our cocktails; "As Light as Air", in the wake of "Dalgona Whipped Coffee", this sweet world fad will only grow in popularity in 2021. "Air will be whipped, injected and used as a filling in anything from ice cream. to cotton candy, giving a light consistency", communicates the report. "Extra Sweet (s)", "Macaron ice cream Sandwich" and "Nougat Crown" will be introduced to the market; "Clashing Combos", a trend that combines potato chips with ice cream, pizza with Danish sweets sees potato snacks covered in milk chocolate or caramel. Next year will bring "Mochi" for everyone, with ice cream covered in mochi layers, mochi pancake mixes, mochi buns and even salty skewers filled with mochi. Finally, the report highlights how in 2020, everyone has focused on personal care, and this trend will continue in 2021. People will indulge themselves with new botanical drinks that offer qualities such as: calm, concentration, brightness and rest. New fermented drinks such as hop water will be in fashion; a non-alcoholic drink with a slight beer aftertaste.

Together with the future of whim, the report looks back to 2020 to see how world events have changed the way we "pamper ourselves". Pinterest, the image search engine, shows how goodies have changed as home-made pastry, quarantine cocktails, and so many cakes, have taken over. Of all the homemade recipes, the real winner among the 2020 goodies was "Dalgona Whipped Coffee", with nearly 300,000% growth in Pinterest searches in 2020. Prior to the launch of the report, Jennifer English , global brand director for Baileys commented: "In 2020, more than ever, indulging in a whim has played an important role in our everyday life, giving us moments of sweetness at home and making us feel close to friends by sharing recipes. Personally, I can't wait to try the delicious treasures that will emerge in 2021, we all deserve some joy and celebration".

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