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Perugina partner of the Choco Age Project

A functional food to combat muscle loss in the elderly is being studied

Perugina (Nestlé) is a partner of the international Choko Age Project which over the next three years will study an integrated nutritional intervention plan and a specific training program that contrasts malnutrition and metabolic decline resulting from advancing age. The project is coordinated by Prof. Francesco Galli of the University of Perugia and the working group includes researchers from the University of Verona, the Molde University College (Norway), the University of Liverpool, and the Biomedical Search Institute (Spain). 

The project aims to create an innovative functional food, designed to combat the loss of muscle mass in elderly people. The new product, under development, will be based on dark chocolate, rich in polyphenols and enriched with vitamin E, an essential antioxidant to protect tissues from the aggressions of aging.

"When Professor Francesco Galli of the University of Perugia contacted us to collaborate on the CHOKO-AGE Project" - Manuela Kron , Corporate Affairs Director Nestlé explains on Linkedin - "we were thrilled to be able to take part in an innovative project to promote health and the prevention of diseases associated with aging. Our people at the Perugina factory are proud and enthusiastic to participate in the project carried out in the heart of Italy, but which will contribute to enriching research in the field of nutrition, life and aging of entire populations".

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