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Fruit and vegetables and climate change: a panel at Cibus

Academics, companies and distribution compared, starting from the case of apple and tomato

Speeches, among others, by Mauro Ferrari, Commercial Lead for Italy div. vegetables Bayer Crop Science, Annamaria Medici, Multicedi fruit and vegetable Product Manager, and Giancarlo Amitrano, CE.DI.GROS.

What is the real effect on agriculture of the climate transition we are experiencing in recent years? This question will unravel the panel on "The impact of climate change on fruit and vegetable crops and the search for quality in assortments: the case of apple and tomato", which will be held at Cibus Connecting on 30 March (10-11.45 am, Plenary Hall, Hall 4, Fiere di Parma).

The meeting was designed to explore a current theme, closely linked to production and which greatly worries the world of Italian agrifood: does the fruit and vegetable sector have the tools to adapt to change? To try to answer this question, the average spending basket of every Italian will consider two products that are almost always present, as well as recognized Italian excellence: apple and tomato. With the help of the big players in the apple growing sector, it will be possible to find out which innovative best practices currently exist in terms of seasonal adjustment and which characteristics are currently the most desirable for distributors and consumers. Virtuous experiences (and typical errors) of large-scale distribution in the promotion of private label fruit and vegetables will be presented. The companies will explain how adequate quality research in the tomato world, if supported by effective communication that drives sales, can really represent a response to the rise of discount stores for distribution and, for producers, an opportunity important to overcome the frequent distortions in price-product dynamics.

On the academic side, speeches by Simone Orlandini, Director of the Department of Agricultural, Food, Environmental and Forestry Sciences and Technologies at the University of Florence, Antonio Elia, Professor of Horticulture and Protected Crops at the University and of Climate Change and Agricultural Management at the University of Foggia, and by Gianluca Baruzzi, Mauro Bergamaschi and Giuseppina Caracciolo, Researchers at Crea in Forlì.

A round table is also planned with the protagonists of the corporate and distribution world, with speeches by Mauro Ferrari, Commercial Lead for Italy div. vegetables Bayer Crop Science, Leonardo Odorizzi, Corporate Strategy Manager The Great Italian Beauty, Annamaria Medici, Multicedi Fruit and Vegetable Product Manager, and Giancarlo Amitrano, CE.DI.GROS.

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