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Diego Planeta: is dead the processor of the Sicilian wine renaissance

His company is one of the best known brands in the island

Last farewell to Diego Planeta , one of the founding fathers of Sicilian wine excellence. The man who rediscovered and reinterpreted wine in Sicily passed away at the age of 80 after having spent a life full of passions, ambitions, travels and successes. Born in Palermo in 1940, in 2004 Planeta received the nomination of "Cavaliere del Lavoro" by Carlo Azeglio Ciampi . For his merits in the agricultural field, the University of Palermo awarded him an honorary degree in agricultural sciences.

It is known for having completely renewed the viticulture of the island, and for giving it an international face, also thanks to the collaboration with the "king of winemakers", Giacomo Tachis . He founded in 1964 and became president of the largest Sicilian social winery, the "Settesoli" of Menfi, which sees the presence of two thousand members, each of which cultivates its own vineyard for a total of 6 thousand hectares of vineyard.

From 1985 to 1992, Planeta held the role of president of the regional institute of vine and wine. Today its wine heritage (farms and land) offers work to 120 employees, generates a turnover of 12 million euros per year and its products are distributed in over thirty countries. From the original vineyards of Melfi, planted in the mid-80s, excellences derive such as: Cometa, Burdese, Chardonnay, the two white and red Segreta.

Diego Maggio , president of the "Paladini dei Vini di Sicilia", commented the disappearance of Planeta as follows: "The whole of Sicily loses one of its best paladins. vocata of the world ". Even the regional councilor for agriculture, Edy Bandiera , said: "The man to whom Sicilian wine owes its renaissance leaves us. He created the conditions for the new generations to return to agriculture".

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