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First place for Granoro at the "Eco Packaging Awards"

"Fusilli Bio Sanatore Cappelli" awarded in the "Pasta" category

Another important recognition sees Granoro as the protagonist, who won the first prize in the "Pasta" category on the occasion of the 1st edition of the Eco Packaging Awards, the prize created by the magazine Bio & Consumi in collaboration with Veronafiere, aimed at companies that have distinguished themselves in the creation of eco-sustainable packaging and that have taken care of the packaging not only in materials, but also in design. The “Fusilli Bio Granoro Senatore Cappelli variety”, awarded during the ceremony, are packaged in an innovative packaging that is totally recyclable in the paper, as are all the formats of the company's "Bio" line.

Granoro, which has always been attentive to the issues of agricultural and environmental sustainability, after years of research, has created a packaging through which to aim to minimize the impact on natural resources in eco-sustainable terms. Giandomenico Marcone, purchasing and product development manager at Granoro, explains: "A rustic-looking package consisting mainly of paper that is coupled to a thin layer of plastic. The prevalence of cellulose (as much as 80%) makes the package perfectly recyclable with the paper. The paper used for the production of this pack is FSC certified, an international certification which guarantees that the raw material used comes from forests where strict environmental, social and economic standards are respected".

Thanks to this choice, Granoro has declared that it has achieved a 35% reduction in plastic consumption, on an annual production of 4 million recyclable packs covering the entire organic line.

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