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Acqua Sant'Anna, 10 million investment in technology

By February 2021, the company's laser-guided robots will reach 45 units

Alberto Bertone, president and chief executive officer of Acqua Sant'Anna, announces the investment of 10 million euros aimed at expanding the range of LGV robots and the purchase of a new bottling line, which will enhance efficiency and automation at the company plant in Vinadio (CUneo, in Pidmont Region). Recently renovated according to green building standards, the headquarters, surrounded by the peaks of the Stura Valley, become increasingly automated thanks to continuous investments.

The company's turnover in the last 10 years has more than tripled, in 2019 the turnover reached 320 million euros. The growth was characterized by research, constant investment in technology, innovation, and development of new products, enhancing the skills of internal resources. "Since its foundation in 1996, Bertone has focused on technology, automation and innovation, immediately creating one of the most modern factories in the world in the beverage sector, which has been constantly renewed and enlarged", says a press release . Technology and innovation have made it possible to develop production speeds, quality controls of standing and to reach enormous production volumes.

The entire production capacity of the plant today has a potential of around 3.5 billion bottles / year thanks to bottling lines, including one of the fastest in the world, capable of producing up to 81,000 bottles / hour. Two years ago the company invested 50 million Euros in the purchase of 5 new bottling lines: today there are 15 lines in total, 12 for water and 3 for beverages, references created following the diversification strategy implemented in recent years. Thanks to the new investment they will become 16, further implementing the daily production capacity.

The laser-guided robots in charge of handling goods in the plant will also reach 45 by February 2021. They are automated trolleys that respond to the inputs of a central software, capable of managing internal logistics, from storage to pallet exit from the warehouse. These vehicles move completely autonomously, they move the goods in the warehouse and from there they are able to load the pallets of water onto the trucks, distinguishing types of water, formats and quantities. In addition to guaranteeing an accuracy greater than 99.5%, these vehicles respect the environment (they work with rechargeable batteries instead of using fuel) and, thanks to an innovative technology entirely made in Italy, developed by the Emilian company Elettric 80, they increase the workplace safety, eliminating accidents to people and damage to property.

"In a difficult year that has put a strain on the national economic system and most of the companies, we wanted to continue investing because we strongly believe in our development potential which necessarily involves modernization and continuous updating aimed at optimizing production efficiency", Bertone declares.

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