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Renewables, BF signs partnership with Graded

BF Energy was born to enhance the Bonifiche Ferraresi's systems

Graded, the Neapolitan Energy Saving Company, has signed a partnership with BF Spa, the listed on Milan Stock Exchange controlling holding of Bonifiche Ferraresi, which will lead to the birth of Bf Energy, of which it will have 60%. The JV was created through the transfer of two photovoltaic plants for a total amount of 1.380 million Euros by Bonifiche Ferraresi, which further approved a capital increase for an amount of 2.070 million Euros fully subscribed by Graded. Bonifiche Ferraresi, headquartered in Jolanda di Savoia (Ferrara, Emilia Romagna region) and land in Tuscany and Sardinia, is one of the largest European farms by cultivated area.

The newco industrial plan provides for investments of 26 million Euros in three years and a reduction in environmental emissions of 10,300 tons of CO2 every year, with a cut in fossil energy sources that can be measured in about 3,600 TOE (tons of oil equivalent) year. The investments are spread over four operating segments: new photovoltaics, revamping, energy efficiency and biomethane, for an energy production of approximately 15 GW per year.

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