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De Cecco über alles

Illustrious testimonials for the new advertising campaign for premium pasta in Germany

Four famous athletes and a well-known influncer are involved.

De Cecco makes its way into Germany with its premium pasta. Five testimonials, Alica, Louisa, Christina, Lisa, Monika and Laura, will be the ones who will tell German fans about De Cecco's closeness and affinity with the world of sport. The Italian company, the world's leading producer of Premium pasta, has chosen six exceptional testimonials for the brand's communication in Germany through an original influencer marketing campaign curated by Buzzoole. Alica Schmidt, sprinter, defined as the most beautiful athlete in the world and since last September athletic trainer of Borussia Dortmund; Louisa Lippman, award-winning volleyball player with an international career; Christina Hering, middle distance runner preparing for Tokyo 2021; Lisa Ryzih pole vault champion; Monika Sozanska fencer with a long palmarès; together with Laura Noltemeyer, lifestyle influencer, they will narrate their passion for De Cecco pasta through a storytelling that will show the preparation of the best dishes capable of providing them with the right amount of proteins and carbohydrates.

The campaign, which begins in these Christmas holidays, includes a mix of Instagram stories and posts with the aim of telling the way of living and cooking "à la DeCecco". Influencers will talk about the brand to their followers on their Instagram profiles by creating recipes with De Cecco pasta and inviting users to replicate it. Finally, they will post a click on the Instagram feed representing all the elements of tradition, taste, quality and spirit of conviviality. To complement the campaign, there will be a call to action in which the talent will invite their follower base to live the same experience and share the highlights of the preparation of the dish in the stories, in the name of a "DeCecco" cuisine.

"We wanted to entrust the values of our pasta to six exceptional testimonials, all women: five athletes, some of whom engaged in Olympic training, who practice disciplines from relay to pole vaulting, for which a healthy and balanced diet is basic. We have joined them with a lifestyler that will add a note of creativity in the kitchen to show that you can eat well with taste. Strong determination, rigor and passion are the ingredients to achieve results in sport and to make superior quality pasta", explains Carlo Aquilano , De Cecco's commercial director. "We only use coarse-grained semolina produced in our mill and mixed with cold water, drawing bronze and slow drying at low temperatures are the characteristics to aspire to excellence, without compromise".

The De Cecco pasta factory was founded in Fara San Martino in 1886 by Filippo De Cecco, grandfather of the current president, Filippo Antonio De Cecco. Third world producer of pasta, first in the Premium segment, De Cecco produces in the factories of Fara San Martino and Caldari di Ortona, both in Abruzzo, and exports all over the world. Positive closing for the 2019 financial year archived with an operating profit of 21 million Euros (+4 million compared to 2018): turnover rose from 457 million to 482 million, with an EBITDA of over 53 million Euros ( in 2018 it was 49 million). The Nielsen Top 75 Manufacturer ranking, which analyzes the top 75 Italian companies by turnover in the packaged consumer goods sector, placed De Cecco in first place for the best percentage growth in value (+ 12%) and third in the ranking for absolute growth in value (+ € 20 million). A few days ago, the group's industrial plan for the five-year period 2021-2025 was approved, which provides for investments of 70 million Euros, around 60 hires and growth that, when fully operational, will reach 2.5 million tons of pasta and 500 thousand quintals of other products (oil, ready-made sauces, reds, bread substitutes), against the current 2 million quintals of pasta and 300 thousand quintals of other products.

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