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EU Commission: consultation on food supply and safety

As part of Farm to Fork plan

The Commission has launched a consultation on an emergency plan to ensure food supply and security across the EU in times of crisis, as announced in the "Farm to Fork" strategy. The purpose of the consultation is to gather comments on the form, nature and scope of the plan. A range of actors involved in the food supply chain, such as producers, processors, distributors or transport operators, as well as consumers, civil society and national authorities, are invited to give their views for a period of 8 weeks, from 1 March to 26 April 2021.

As indicated in the "From producer to consumer" strategy, the Commission intends to strengthen the coordination of the European response to crises affecting the EU food system and to ensure food safety. To this end, the emergency plan will include a series of procedures to be followed in times of crisis and the establishment of a food crisis response mechanism coordinated by the Commission, involving member states and possibly various sectors, such as agriculture, fishing, transport and health. The mechanism will take the form of a permanent forum to coordinate actions, exchange best practices and assess threats and risks. In line with the European Green Deal's "From producer to consumer" strategy and its objectives, the plan should pursue greater environmental, economic and social sustainability for a resilient European food system.

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