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Mipaaf-Icqrf renews agreement with Alibaba

Italy is the only country to guarantee the protection and promotion of agri-food on Group's platforms

With the new agreement, 41 Italian geographical indications are currently recognized and protected by Alibaba on its e-commerce platforms

The agreement between Mipaaf ICQRF and the Alibaba Group was renewed to promote the agri-food excellences of our country and fight fakes, from parmesan to counterfeit prosecco. An agreement that consolidates the existing collaboration with the Group, confirming its strategic role in promoting Italy's certified quality agri-food excellence, and in protecting consumers and online buyers. Thanks to the capillary control work carried out by the ICQRF (Central Inspectorate for the protection of quality and fraud repression of agri-food products), orders and suspicious products (which violate or evoke protected geographical indications) can in fact be reported directly to the property protection system. intellectual of Alibaba.

The ministry's alliance with Alibaba to combat counterfeiting and protect origin brands began in 2016: approximately 200 product listings have been removed, both in the B2B and B2C marketplaces of the seller.

To identify the fakes, Mipaaf has set up an operational task force of the Fraud Repression Inspectorate that searches for counterfeit products on a daily basis and reports them to Alibaba. Within 3 days the illegal advertisements are removed and the sellers informed that they are violating the Italian geographical indications. With the new agreement, there are currently 41 Italian geographical indications recognized and protected by Alibaba on its e-commerce platforms.

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