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Parmigiano Reggiano: final balance sheet 2020 approved

New board of directors ratified. The appointment of president and vice president is expected in the next council

In the general meeting of the consortium members, an investment in marketing and communication of 23.6 million euros, equal to 50% of revenues, stands out. There was an increase in production of 183,630 wheels: 4.9% more than in 2019.

The General Assembly of the Parmigiano Reggiano consortium members was held today during which the Consortium approved the 2020 final budget by a large majority members with voting rights and 4 designated by the public bodies of Emilia-Romagna and Lombardy without voting rights. The election of president and vice president will take place in the first Council. The 2020 budget showed an increase in production of 183,630 wheels: 4.9% more than in 2019. Parmigiano Reggiano closed the year with 3,937,823 wheels produced against 3,754,193 of the previous year. Consequently, revenues increased - 46,567,100 euros against 39,807,305 in 2019 - which mainly derive from the contributions that dairies must pay to the Consortium to produce the PDO.

2020 saw a settling of investments in marketing and communication which stopped at € 23.6 million - equal to 50% of revenues - against the 24.8 million in 2019. The activities were continuously revised over the course of the year and adapted to the new Covid context which led to the cancellation of the main world trade fairs. Apart from the effects of the pandemic, consumer communication is still one of the fundamental levers to support the increase in production through the development of demand in Italy and abroad.

The Assembly took place via videoconference - for the second consecutive time in the over eighty-year history of the Consortium - to ensure compliance with anti-contagion regulations. Despite this, participation was high from all the provinces of the district: over 190 producers representing about 70% of the total number of Parmigiano Reggiano dairies.

Once the budget was approved, the producers' attention shifted to the ratification of the Consortium's new board of directors. This is the subdivision of the 28 directors with voting rights, as indicated by the sectional meetings:

Section Council of Parma: Araldi Roberta, Bertinelli Nicola, Bertozzi Arnaldo, Bonati Andrea, Boni Renato, Corradi Gianluca, Cotti Luca, Gelfi Roberto, Rastelli Monica, Download Giuseppe.

Reggio Emilia Section Council: Bezzi Alessandro, Catellani Giorgio, Gobetti Giovanni, Prandi Marco, Rizza Monica, Ruggi Giuseppe, Sartori Erika, Sfulcini Daniele, Sironi Giuseppe.

Modena Section Council: Braghin Emilio, Benassi Claudio, Deluca Daniele, Minelli Kristian, Nascimbeni Andrea

Mantua Section Council: Odini Cristian, Benedusi Paolo, Galeotti Vincenzo

Bologna Section Council: Garagnani Guglielmo  

Alessandro Capuci and Andrea Zanlari are also members of the board, without the right to vote.

This is the team that will have to lead the Consortium for the next four years and that will have to appoint president and vice-presidents during the next council. If Parmigiano Reggiano, despite the difficulties linked to the pandemic, closed 2020 with a positive result that rewards its reputation - sales in Italy + 7.9% and abroad + 10.7% - and prices that have returned to being profitable, there are many challenges to be faced in 2021: from the placement on the market of an ever-increasing production (3,940,000 wheels, + 4.9% compared to 2019) to dossiers such as Brexit, US tariffs, whose suspension July, until the fight against counterfeiting on international markets.

“The 2020 budget marks the end of the four-year mandate of this board of directors - said the president Nicola Bertinelli -. Together we have faced various challenges: some recurring ones, such as the fight against counterfeiting, the regulation of the offer plan, the issue of prices; others unpublished, I am thinking in particular of the pandemic and US tariffs, up to Brexit. Many of these have shown us how much the future of our supply chain is conditioned by international events and, at the same time, how the Consortium and Parmigiano Reggiano are now able to keep up with an increasingly complex world. All this while, together, we have planned the future of the supply chain and developed the activities to communicate our values and those of Parmigiano Reggiano to the final consumer. I thank all the outgoing team for having contributed with professionalism and passion to face these challenges and to place Parmigiano Reggiano on a strong and long-term growth trajectory”.

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