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Cereal Docks achieves the Farm Sustainability Assessment certification

The corn product (waxy) gets the "Silver" level

Cereal Docks Spa with its plant in Portogruaro (Venice) obtained the Farm Sustainability Assessment (Fsa) certificate at the "Silver" level for the corn product (waxy) with a project that involved a supply chain made up of 147 farms. Cereal Docks Spa is the first Farm Management Group verified by the CSQA certification body in Italy against the Fsa set developed by Sai Platform to provide a single set of verifiable requirements for sustainable agriculture upon which the food and beverage industry is aligned.

Fsa consists of 109 requirements covering social, environmental, economic and managerial aspects and is applicable to all cultivated plant products. The set is aimed at individual farms of all sizes but also at groups of producers (Farm Management Group). Companies or Farm Management Groups that implement the Fsa set must define, as part of their self-control, the performance level "Bronze", "Silver" or "Gold". The third-party verification aims to verify the level of performance reached by the organization and to confirm the performance level claim which, after the release of the certificate by CSQA (valid for three years), can be communicated externally by the organization.

The Fsa set was conceived with a business-to-business approach to ensure that agricultural raw materials are produced in compliance with certain requirements. The claim cannot be used on the finished product intended for the final consumer, but can be communicated through, for example, websites and social media channels or communicated to the customer who requests Fsa-verified raw materials. Sai Platform, with the aim of avoiding duplication of checks, has developed the Add-On Ggfsa in agreement with Globalg.AP. This is an additional module of Globalg.AP consisting of a checklist of 20 questions to be evaluated jointly with Globalg.AP.

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