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AssoDistil presents "EuBrandy"

Promotion project of Italian brandy in China

If approved, it will be 80% co-financed by the EU and will last three years.

AssoDistil is ready to fly overseas again, together with its associates, to promote the Brandy produced in Italy as an Italian IG Brandy. After the success of Hello Grappa in the USA, the association presents “EuBrandy”, the 2022-2024 promotion project to make one of the most representative spirits of made in Europe known in China: Italian Brandy. Thanks to the interest and commitment of the associated distilleries, AssoDistil presented a three-year project a few days ago, worth over 3.5 million euros, to co-finance 80 percent of the European Union thanks to the promotion measure referred to in Reg. 1144/2014. Produced in countries with an intense winemaking tradition such as Italy, Spain and France where the brandy, depending on the region of production, takes the name of Cognac or Armagnac.

The actions envisaged by the project . Marketing campaigns, online and on-site events, communication will be just some of the resources that will be used in “EuBrandy”. In particular, the terms of labeling, environmental and social sustainability, in addition to tradition, authenticity and the taste of a quality product made in Italy will all be aspects that will be enhanced within the promotion project, which will be aimed above all towards the Horeca channels (bars, restaurants and hotels) from importers to distributors to consumers. Collaborations will be undertaken with influencers already known to the Southeast Asian public to expand the audience of spectators given the great extension of a nation like China.

The Italian market and brandy. Thanks to a millenary winemaking tradition, Italian Brandy is the result of centuries-old contaminations that cross the experience of entrepreneurs and enthusiasts from all over Europe: from John Woodhouse to Vincenzo Florio to Jean Bouton. Today the sector is made up of small and large historical distilleries which, thanks to a meticulous selection of raw materials, produce distillates that over the centuries have led brandy to become a product of excellence. These are the distilleries that today produce brandy, and in particular Brandy Italiano IG, or brandy produced exclusively with grapes vinified in Italy and distilled in Italian plants. Brandy in Italy is produced with Trebbiano grapes, both Tuscan and Romagna; with wine (white, red or rosé) with low alcohol content and without sulphites or preservatives. Despite the long history and the undisputed quality of the brandy produced in Italy, in recent years there has been a decline in production which, however, has not discouraged producers who are now aiming for a relaunch also through promotional initiatives such as the EuBrandy Project.

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