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Europe puts transparency and consumer protection back at the center

Confeuro asks this, questioning the neutrality and the procedures followed by EFSA on pesticides

Transparency and impartiality are essential requirements in the field of food safety, declares Andrea Michele Tiso, national president of Confeuro, the Confederation of European and world farmers. "The alarm launched by the Pesticide Action Network (Pan Europe) to denounce the authorization of pesticides potentially harmful to health - continues the president - therefore requires an open discussion and an articulated response from the institutions involved. We hope therefore that EFSA, the European Food Safety Authority, shows its willingness to provide the reasons for its decisions in a public form in a debate without ideological preclusions".

"According to Pan Europe, EFSA has given the green light to twelve pesticides suspected of being genotoxic - Tiso says -. More generally, the neutrality and procedures followed by the European agency are questioned. Without going into the scientific merits of the European agency dispute, it should be reiterated that any suspicion of a conflict of interest on institutions such as EFSA, which play a crucial role in the agri-food chain, is bound to weaken their action and the trust of citizens".

Confeuro's president concludes: to win back the favor of the most skeptical, the European control agencies must guarantee the utmost impartiality and take on the sole responsibility of consumer protection. Their operating rules and procedures for selecting managers and scientists are not written down once and for all, but - if necessary - they can be changed and improved. Only a Europe capable of reforming will be able to respond to the challenges of this delicate historical phase.

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