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Asiago Dop: the 2020 budget rewards sustainable choices

The new production disciplinary pushes the growth of the product

The Asiago cheese protection consortium closes the 2020 budget with a positive trend for the Veneto-Trentino specialty. "In a year of profound changes, the shareholders have testified to their ability to make sustainable choices and to continue along the quality path promoted in the new disciplinary, while guaranteeing an 11% increase in production compared to 2019", announces a press release.

In 2020, 1,733,824 Dop asiago wheels were produced, of which 1,427,456 (+ 6.2%) of fresh asiago and 306,368 (+ 42.1%) of seasoned asiago. The increase in production has responded to the changing needs of consumption and the product, proposed on all sales channels, from Gdp to specialized shops, to e-commerce has been rewarded by an increase in consumption of + 2.2% in volume and + 3.4% in value.

The new production disciplinary, which entered into force in October 2020, has given impetus and support to the path of decisive innovation and strengthening of the link with the territory already undertaken by the protection consortium. Despite the period, it was recalled during the meeting for the closing of the financial statements held on 2 July by videoconference, the shareholders continued in the choices oriented towards an environmental balance with sustainable production paths, based on respect for biodiversity and the use of practices traditional production. The activity carried out was rewarded by the families purchasing the Asiago DOP cheese, which increased by 2.2%; over 200,000 more families than in 2019, reaching an all-time high of almost ten million.

In the year of the pandemic, 6% of the forms of Asiago PDO crossed the Italian border after, on the one hand, the restrictions and health closures, on the other, the US protectionist choices, with the increase in duties of 25%, aggravated Chinese provisions on the prohibition of promotional activities for geographical indications have made commercial exchanges with foreign markets traditionally more interested in the Veneto-Trentino specialty: USA and Australia difficult and uncertain. On the European continent, Switzerland became the top export country in 2020.

“The positive result of 2020", affirmed Fiorenzo Rigoni, president of the consortium for the protection of Asiago cheese, "strengthens and strengthens our commitment to growth which focuses on the distinctive and unique qualities of Asiago DOP cheese. A choice that makes our cheese a formidable promoter of territorial development and bearer of a message of sustainable progress that the consumer recognizes and appreciates because it is authentic and an expression of our history".

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