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African swine fever: information campaign extended to other countries

EFSA targets farmers in Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Slovakia, Estonia, Hungary and Romania

Last summer, EFSA launched an important awareness campaign on the disease in south-eastern Europe. The campaign was conducted in collaboration with the local authorities of countries classified as "areas of concern", namely Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Greece, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia and Slovenia, due to their proximity to the countries where Asf (African swine fever) is present EFSA is now extending the campaign, aimed mainly at farmers, to Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Slovakia, Estonia, Hungary and Romania.

Nikolaus Kriz, head of Efsa's “Animal and Plant Health” unit, said: "As a scientific body we are working tirelessly to produce assessments and make recommendations that can help countries threatened by African swine fever to protect their animals and their economies. Last year we decided to apply our scientific assessments in the field showing that EFSA is committed to helping farmers and all those affected by this terrible disease. The campaign was well received by the first set of countries and now we want to further amplify the 'detect, prevent and report' message".

The campaign aims to complement the measures in place at the European Commission and other international organizations to eradicate the disease in Europe. African swine fever is a viral disease that affects pigs and wild boars. The virus, harmless to humans, has caused severe economic losses in several countries. As there are no specific vaccines, in the event of an epidemic it is necessary to kill a large number of farmed pigs in the affected areas. The campaign aims to raise awareness of Asf and raise public awareness of the disease in all 8 countries involved. It is aimed at groups and individuals in contact with domestic pigs and wild boars, pig farmers in particular, and is disseminated with the invaluable help of local veterinary organizations, farmers 'associations, hunters' associations, border police and other involved bodies.

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