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RurAll is born, a digital platform for Agriculture 4.0

Launched by Antares Vision in partnership with Bf, Bluarancio and Sdf

Antares Vision, a Brescia-based group listed on the AIM of the Italian Stock Exchange, specialized in hardware and software tracking solutions (anti-counterfeiting and supply chain transparency), inspection systems (quality control) and intelligent data management, has announced the signing of a agreement with three strategic partners - BF Spa (holding company of Bonifiche Ferraresi), Bluarancio Spa, an Information Technology company specialized in the creation and management of platforms for the Italian agricultural sector, and Sdf Spa, one of the world's leading manufacturers of tractors, collection and diesel engines - for the start-up of RurAll Spa.

It is a company jointly owned by the partners, aimed at the creation of a digital infrastructure of rural areas, exploiting technologies to increase the yield and management of land on a large scale and / or provide consultancy services dedicated to digitization and / or the creation of Dss platforms and software and other systems dedicated to the analysis and dissemination of data, the so-called agriculture 4.0.

The operation involves an investment by four partners in RurAll, with the subscription of a capital increase, by BF for a share equal to Euro 1,450,000 and by the other investors for a share equal to Euro 1,500,000 each, for a total of Euro 5,950,000. As a result of the execution of the same, and considering the share of capital already paid by BF spa at the time of the establishment of RurAll, each party will own a share representing 25% of the company's capital.

The initiative envisages the promotion of the project among the main Italian producers, large and small, with particular reference to the production excellence that Italy can boast; the promotion and dissemination of the use of digital and sensor technologies at the service of precision farming methodologies and practices; encouraging the use of the traceability platform as a guarantee tool for future supply chain contracts; the promotion and involvement of final consumers in Italy and abroad for the conscious use of the “talking” label; the involvement of the major stakeholders interested in the project.

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