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The EU formalizes a new IG from French Guiana

It is Demerara Rum: the new denomination reported today in the European Official Journal

Coming from French Guiana - Qualivita informs today -, reported in the European Official Journal GUUE L 281 of 04 August 2021, the denomination Demerara Rum IG has been registered.
Spirit drink category - Rum (category 1 of Annex II to Regulation (EC) No 110/2008)
Reg. (EU) 2021/1291 of 28/07/2021 - OJEU L 281 of 04/08/2021.

Description. The Demerara Rum Geographical Indication is reserved exclusively for the spirit drink obtained exclusively by fermentation and distillation of molasses or a substrate based on sugar cane. It is produced in the following types: Demerara Rum IG not assembled or assembled; Old Demerara Rum, rum aged for a minimum of two years, not assembled or assembled; Cask Aged Demerara Rum, unassembled or assembled rum, aged for a minimum of three years; Special Reserve Demerara Rum, unassembled or assembled rum, aged for a minimum of 12 years; Grand Special Reserve Demerara Rum, unassembled or assembled rum, aged for a minimum of 25 years.

Production area. The production area of Demerara Rum IG extends into the county of Guyana. The area is bordered to the west by the Boeraserie River and to the east by the Abary River. Demerara County is located on the north coast of South America, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, just above the equator, in French Guiana.

Product features. The Demerara Rum IG are mainly produced by the fermentation of the raw material based on sugar cane. Through specific distillation methods, with different configurations of stills, which can be discontinuous or continuous in a column, in wood / copper / steel, strong taste profiles are sought for rums with light / medium / intense body. To the taste they are typically round and soft, with the characteristic flavor of rum and vary from slightly sweet to dry, with gustatory notes that complete the aromatic profile. Aromas must be limited to a maximum of 2.5% of the volume of the finished product and the rum must be free of additional colorants. The appearance of the Rum is transparent, with a liquid consistency, density and body viscosity varying according to age. The color ranges from colorless for unaged rums to light straw yellow for slightly aged rums to amber / gold and more intense shades of copper / bronze / mahogany for more aged ones. The typical Demerara Rum IG has a sweet note deriving from sugar cane, associated with the delicate fruity and floral notes that take shape in the distillation process and with the sweet and aromatic hints of nuts, spices, woods, medicinal herbs, earth or other tertiary aromas which develop during the maturation process as a consequence of the high presence of specific congeners and the aging of the distillate.

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