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Jams: Rigoni di Asiago presents the latest news

Exclusive interview with Andrea Rigoni

Also on display at Cibus 2021 is Rigoni di Asiago, an inevitable presence that brought important innovations to the fair, demonstrating that not only has it continued to produce despite the difficulties of the moment but has also continued the path of innovation, contributing not only to the well-being of the consumer but also to that of the environment.

In the windows, in full view, the rich range of Fiordifrutta to which the special edition Fiordifrutta Melagrana, Aloe and Ibisco was added in 2021. After that of 2020 in which Strawberries and Wild Strawberries were married with the freshness of Mint and that of Apricot and Peach that combined their flavor with an unusual Basil, this new recipe demonstrates the will to continue a journey not only towards goodness but also towards innovation and creativity. The best 100% organic fruit is found once again with natural ingredients such as Aloe and Hibiscus, great allies of well-being. The result? A fresh and delicate taste and an enveloping scent.

Focus also on one of the most delicious products of Rigoni di Asiago: the Nocciolata. Alongside the Classica, the Without milk and the White, three super-awarded delights, there is Nocciolata Crunchy, or the Nocciolata that "makes a crock"! A taste that has rightly been defined overwhelming and that owes its success to an irresistible grain of toasted hazelnuts of the best quality that enrich the basic composition. Without palm oil, 100% organic, gluten-free, it is designed for everyone but has already won over young people who are always looking for delicious novelties.

EFA News met Andrea Rigoni, CEO of the group, who illustrated the details of the news and the sentiment of participation in the first show in attendance after the lockdown.

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