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Provolone Valpadana: the first half of 2021 is doing well

Exports are also on the rise

The first half of 2021 is confirmed as growing for Provolone Valpadana: the Consortium's commitment to supervision, research and development is confirmed by a 3% increase in production in the first half of 2021 compared to the same period of the previous year, and a increase in the volume of exports in the first five months of the year, equal to 23% on the previous year.

Starting from the last months of 2020, the supervisory activity, constantly carried out on the national territory by the Consortium's supervisory agents, was also accompanied by an online brand protection activity, recently renewed, which made it possible to detect and resolve over 80 violations on the protected designation and the removal of over 200 links damaging to the Provolone Valpadana brand. The taking of product samples in the national sales points has allowed to constantly verify its compliance with the provisions of the production specification, in particular the lack of preservatives in the product, allowed only for any surface treatments. Based on the needs that have emerged and in order to be able to provide further elements to the consumer, the Consortium intends to launch two specific investigations that will start in the coming months: the first to confirm, on a broader and scientifically reliable basis, the total absence of lactose in the two types. of product (sweet and spicy) and as early as 10 days from production; the second to better evaluate the presence of salt in the finished product, despite having already ascertained how much it is in lower quantities compared to other cheeses.

The research activity of the Consortium, which to date has a history of over 22 successfully completed projects (from the abandonment of the preservative to the environmental footprint, from the identification of DNA to the temperatures of collection and storage of milk), sees alongside initiatives on the product also include an area dedicated to environmental, social and economic sustainability, in line with the changes that are characterizing the most recent years. In fact, the Consortium is currently the promoter of the "Made Green in Italy" project, but is developing initiatives to try to reduce food waste and the use of alternative packaging, without forgetting a closer link with farms that, in the coming years, they will have to evolve to improve the sustainability of the primary sector supply chain.

These are the issues that the Consortium intends to address in the coming months, having already started several collaborations with other realities involved in the same issues and favoring a closer collaboration with the university world, in particular with the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, making two scholarships available for study projects on Provolone Valpadana.

“Despite being very committed to carrying out product promotion initiatives, using both traditional and more innovative means - states the president of the Consortium, Libero Stradiotti -. We keep the focus on the aspects that can generate a potential development of activities for the future of the member companies. Sustainability, understood in the broadest sense of the term, new materials, process innovations and openness to wider-ranging collaborations, are the themes on which we will direct our medium-term commitment and on which we hope to be able to offer. our contribution to industry growth”, he said.

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