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Argentina declares health alert for African swine fever

The authority for health and food quality strengthens safety measures

And in Italy Sardinia, where there have been no more outbreaks for some time, is asking the EU to lift those restrictions that are no longer necessary and which today damage the typical quality products of the island.

Senasa, the Argentine authority for health and food quality has declared the health alert across the country due to African swine fever (Psa). This is the response of the Buenos Aires government to the dangerous outbreaks of the virus that have developed in the Dominican Republic and Haiti. The aim is to strengthen preventive measures and controls at the entry of pig products. "New prevention measures are adopted and existing ones are strengthened, in order to reduce the risk of entry, exposure and spread of the virus in sensitive hosts, whether they are domestic pigs, in the wild or wild boars, throughout the national territory" , is stated in the provision published in the Official Gazette with resolution 564/2021.

African swine fever is spreading around the world, and although no cases have yet been reported in Argentina, Senasa has decided to strengthen preventive measures both at the land borders and in the country's ports and airports.

Europe is also not immune to it. The virus is worryingly advancing, and within a few years the disease, highly dangerous for wild boars and domestic pigs but harmless to humans, has spread from Georgia to the west reaching Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Slovakia, Greece, Lithuania, Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria. Lately it has also appeared in Germany, and the Swiss authorities are now certain that the epidemic will also reach Switzerland. So much so that to be ready for the event, at the beginning of November, a national exercise was carried out directed by the Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office which, in collaboration with the cantonal veterinary services, simulated what would happen in the event that African swine fever (almost always fatal to animals) were to spread to pig farms and forest areas throughout the Confederation.

In Italy, swine fever was recorded a few years ago in Sardinia. Since then "the control activity has never stopped and for years there have been no PSA outbreaks on the island. Brussels recognizes this historic result and removes the restrictions that are no longer necessary, which today damage the many companies in our territory and quality products typical of Sardinia", wrote the Sardinian councilor for health Mario Nieddu just two days ago in the appeal to the EU of the Region of Sardinia, also launched through social media.

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