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The App to analyse olives in less than 10 seconds

The new technology makes it possible to determine the moisture content in the fruit and the quality of the oil

PerkinElmer, a global leader in analytics solutions for the life sciences, diagnostics, food and environmental industries, has developed a new application for its Da 7250. This instrument based on Nirs (Near Infrared Spectroscopy) technology allows you to determine the fat and moisture levels of olives, both whole and in paste, in a few seconds.

"This process of immediate analysis eliminates the need to create a sample, an activity that requires time and resources, allowing both the farmer and the producer to evaluate the quality of the raw material and its fair price upon arrival at the mill", said Attilio Focarete, Managing Director of the company for Italy, Spain and Portugal. For the olive sector, in fact, it is essential to have the ability to quickly and accurately determine the level of humidity, the total fat and the industrial yield of the olives when they are delivered to the mills, since these parameters define the quantity of oil that can be extracted from the fruit. Furthermore, the acidity of the olives affects the quality of the olive oil that will be produced and allows us to understand if the olives were harvested from the trees or from the earth.

Until now, to analyze the yield of the olives, it was necessary to carry out a preparation that consisted of crushing the fruit, taking a sample of the resulting paste and analyzing it in the laboratory with classical methods of analysis by wet way. It is a process that takes longer and has higher costs than analyzing the whole olive and which, moreover, involves a greater environmental impact due to the use of different chemical reagents.

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