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Record-breaking exports for the Italian dairy industry

Assolatte draws up the year-end financial statements of the entire sector

The secret of the great success for the export of the made in Italy dairy sector in 2021 are exports. These, for the first time in history, will mark for the sector, which represents the heaviest segment of the Italian agri-food sector, the 500 thousand tons, reaching 3.5 billion euros and + 11% in volume, compared to 2020. Taking stock is Assolatte (Italian Dairy Association), which has anticipated the numbers to the Sole 24 Ore.

From the association's analysis, Italian dairy exports are growing double-digit in France (+ 13%), Belgium (+ 18%), Poland (+ 22%), Romania, the Netherlands, Sweden and Spain. The US market is growing stronger, where + 25% was recorded. As the president of the Paolo Zanetti Association recalls, the Japanese market remains suffering, in a stalemate for the past two years. "When the pandemic ends we will have to focus on this country again", explains Zanetti.

Among the specialties most exported abroad is mascarpone, which marks a + 38%, followed by provolone, pecorino (both + 20%) and mozzarella (+ 12%). Gorgonzola recorded increases of 30% in the US and Canada. Grana Padano and Parmigiano Reggiano will close the year with a + 6%, about 5 thousand tons exported, to which to have a complete estimate it is necessary to add + 10% of the product exported down grated. Like all sectors, dairy is also being challenged by rising production costs. Added to this is a certain concern for the drop in domestic consumption: the purchase of UHT milk has returned to the levels of 2019 (-7%). Even the fresh one suffered losses (-3.5%), as did domestic purchases of cheeses (-0.9%).

On the other hand, Italian milk production in 2021 increased to 13 million tons (+ 3% compared to 2020) .Thanks to the self-sufficiency achieved by the sector, imports from abroad decreased (imports of bulk milk recorded a decrease 30%).

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