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"Milk? There isn't vegetable one"

Firm position taken by president of Assolatte, Paolo Zanetti

The oxymoron is a rhetorical figure that consists in the juxtaposition of two terms of opposite meaning or in any case in strong antithesis between them. Like the expression "vegetable milk": an exclusively animal product combined with a vegetable origin. Something that by law, for years, cannot be done in commerce, as a letter sent by Paolo Zanetti, president of Assolotte recalled yesterday in Il Sole 24 Ore: "for many years in Europe it has been forbidden to use the words milk improperly, butter, cheese, cream and yogurt. These are names traditionally associated with our sector and by law reserved for our products. Many vegetable drinks resemble milk in shape, color, packaging and presentation methods. It is therefore essential that - at least in the names - there is absolute clarity, also and above all to protect consumers".

The speech by the president of Assolatte refers to an article published by the Sun (in the Nova supplement) with the reckless title: "From oats to potatoes, the future of milk is plant-based".

Zanetti also enters into the merits of the article that "gives a distorted image of the sustainability of milk, a complex aspect that cannot ignore its nutritional value, because any diet must also be sustainable from a nutritional point of view: all the best nutritionists in the world confirm that milk cannot be replaced with any other vegetable derivative due to its nutrient supply, proteins with a very high biological value and bioavailable calcium".

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