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Equalitas certifies the Swedish Sustainable Choice

Sustainability standard promoted by the Systembolaget spirits monopoly

Among the standards, worldwide, results able to satisfy the parameters required by Systembolaget there is the “Sustainable Product” certification of Sopd Equalitas rev.4.

There is growing worldwide attention to sustainability and, consequently, to products that meet certain requirements. Among the countries at the forefront in the process of raising awareness of the three pillars of sensitivity, environmental, economic and ethical, is Sweden. It is therefore not surprising that Systembolaget, the Swedish monopoly for the retail sale of alcoholic beverages, will introduce a new label in all its stores and on its website from 1 March. It will be called "Sustainable Choice" and will aim to help consumers and customers in choosing the products that best meet sustainability criteria from among those belonging to their assortment.

The “Sustainable Choice” will in fact be assigned only to products that meet certain requirements relating to environmental and social sustainability, from packaging to traceability of the supply chain. Only a few standards, worldwide, were found to be able to satisfy the parameters required by Systembolaget and, among these, there is the “Sustainable Product” certification of the Sopd Equalitas rev.4 standard.

“It is a very important result", declares Riccardo Ricci Curbastro, president of Equalitas. "A recognition of the work carried out in recent years, of the commitment that has led us to become a point of reference, at an international level, in the certification of sustainability. Our protocol remains at the forefront to the point of representing an endorsement on international markets. This must also be a source of pride for all those producers and consortia that have had the foresight to follow us along this virtuous path".

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