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The sustainability of Made in Italy excellence on stage at Expo Dubai

Truffle and Grana Padano Dop protagonists of the event of Urbani Tartufi and Latteria San Pietro

Telling Italian scents, flavors and territories bringing them to the attention of the world. This is what was staged at M-Eating Italy in Expo Dubai where the national excellence of two supply chains that are emblematic of agri-food sustainability, such as truffles and Grana Padano Dop, were the protagonists of the 'Truffle Ambassador - authentic Italian emotion', organized by Urbani Tartufi, Latteria San Pietro, Crea and the Truffle Academy in the world (see article EFA News of 28-2-22 ).

"These agri-food excellences carry with them a long history", said the deputy Giuseppe L'Abbate, member of the Agriculture Commission of the Chamber. "Just think about what has happened in our lives in the last 30 months while the form of Grana Padano matured with all its chemical processes aimed at improving it more and more until it is brought to our tables. Fragrances and values of a food and wine culture that is told to the world and that cannot be enclosed in a cold label with a stamp that shows us what is good and bad to eat".

A path also illustrated by Stefano Angeli, a researcher from Crea, who focused on the importance of providing support for the development of the agri-food chain linked to his territory which "should benefit from the added value provided by the supply chain and vice versa the companies that they leave to tell their story. Our role is to facilitate conversations between the various players in the supply chain, also creating positive repercussions from a tourism and food and wine point of view".

With its 170-year history, Urbani Tartufi presents its circular economy path in Dubai, with a look towards the future of the sector through truffle cultivation. Along with this important celebration, we also celebrate the recognition of the truffle hunting and quarrying as an intangible heritage of Unesco. "Finally, value is given to a fundamental element and without which the whole concept of the truffle supply chain would not exist", declared Paola Terenziano, Marketing Manager of Urbani Tartufi, "or the protection of this ancient practice and the symbiotic relationship between the quarryman it is his dog. Without them, all our work would not be possible”.

Latteria San Pietro presented the territory of the stable meadows of the Mincio valley, from which the hay-selected Grana Padano originates. "Ours is an ancient landscape, protected, respected, preserved: a true safe of biodiversity", declared Laura Zecchini, communications manager. "It is not enough to produce excellence in Italy and our effort would not be enough if we could not tell it all over the world. Today the Grana Padano selected from hay enters Dubai for the first time, the city of the future, where all limits are exceeded. With this same spirit we want to guarantee a well-deserved enhancement for the territory of stable meadows and for Grana Padano, in a harmonious balance between sustainability, history and innovation".

'Truffle Ambassador' also hosted various authorities, such as the consul general of Italy in Dubai, Giuseppe Finocchiaro, as well as local restaurateurs and distributors in order to transmit the values of the Italian Lifestyle to the world through the culture of the Mediterranean Diet. At the end of the event, show cooking and tasting of a dish with the combination of the two excellences. Finally, the recognition of three chefs who are ambassadors of truffles who have distinguished themselves in recent years in bringing made in Italy cuisine to the world: Alessandro Miceli, Giuseppe Pezzella and Francesco Cavazzina.

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