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Valsoia: revenues up 9% in 2021

Positive trend both for the healthy food division and for the traditional one

The board of directors of Valsoia SpA met today and approved the results for the 2021 financial year. The chairman Lorenzo Sassoli de Bianchi commented: "we are very satisfied with the result for the year 2021 which has still seen us busy in the protection of the health and safety of our collaborators and consumers. The company's revenues and margins grew significantly despite the comparison with the year 2020 characterized by the increase in consumption and sales deriving from the effects of the health emergency. Finally, I express satisfaction with the solid and growing financial position of the company".

In the year 2021 the company recorded sales revenues of 90.95 million euros, showing an increase of 9.0% (+7.5 million euros) compared to the end of the previous year, equal to 83.46 million of Euro. The increase in sales during the year is due both to the growth of the healthy food division ("Valsoia Bontà e Salute" brand) and to the positive trend of the traditional food division (brands Piadina Loriana, Santa Rosa jams, Diete.Tic, Weetabix , Oreo O's Cereals). This positive trend, already evident during the first six months of the year (+ 6.8% vs the first half of 2020), recorded a further important acceleration in the second half of the year (+ 11.4%). The result for the year is placed in a consumption scenario, total Italian grocery, steady at + 0.1%. The growth in foreign sales continues, showing an increase of 8.9% in the twelve months of the 2021 financial year compared to the same period of 2020.

The operating margin for the year 2021 (Ebitda) was equal to 13.2 million Euros, up by 10.4% compared to the previous year, recording a percentage index of operating margin (Ebitda Margin percentage) equal to 14, 5% compared to 14.3% in the previous year. The pre-tax result amounted to 10.7 million Euros (+ 14.8% compared to the previous year) with a percentage incidence on sales revenues of 11.7%, an improvement compared to 11.1% for the year 2020. Net profit for the period amounted to € 7.4 million, down on the previous year by € 0.289 million (-3.8%), with a percentage index of 8.1% of revenues compared to 9.2% in the same period. Finally, the overall net financial position of the company is equal to 25.3 million euros, an increase of approximately 3.9 million euros compared to that of the beginning of the year.

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