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How sustainable are you? Perfect Tool calculates it for you

The new verification tool created by Perfect Food

Perfect Food, a Turin-based consultancy firm specializing in the field of food sustainability, has launched Perfect Tool, a new tool that allows you to calculate your sustainability performance in a preliminary manner.

Designed for breeders, farmers or processors in the agri-food world, the tool aims to be a practical and easy-to-use tool for companies that want to have a quick and simple idea of their situation. In fact, a short questionnaire allows the user to receive, in a matter of seconds, a score that indicates in percentage terms their progress along the path of sustainability.

Without pretending to provide a quantitative analysis, the tool rather gives a preliminary picture: "after all - as Matteo Peyron, co-founder of Perfect Food points out - , sustainability is certainly not a number or a result, but a way to go with the goal of continually improving. What the tool helps you to do is to understand where you are on this path".

Peyron again: "This is a free tool that we have decided to add to our consultancy services to raise the awareness of companies on sustainability issues". These issues, as well as some indications for communication, are contained in the freshly printed book “The Perfect Food” (see EFA News article of 17/2/2022).

To check sustainability performance, the Perfect Tool is available here: (and, in English, here: -en /).

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