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Cricket flour: South Tyrolean operators appreciate it

"Very nutritious product", says the local representative of the commercial agents

The customs clearance of cricket flour continues to cause discussions but in South Tyrol some entrepreneurs are enthusiastic. The product, whose marketing was approved by the European Union Food Safety Authority (EFSA) on January 3rd, could therefore soon appear in apple strudel, schuttelbrot and other South Tyrolean specialities.

"Why not? The taste of cricket flour is excellent, with a slight hint of hazelnut that goes well with many ingredients, even in more traditional dishes. In addition, it is very nutritious, with over 65% of complete proteins, made up of all the nine essential amino acids. All with less saturated fat and cholesterol than other foods", says the representative of the commercial agents in Confesercenti Alto Adige, Monika Walch .

However, statements that clash with the prevailing opinion of Italians: according to a survey by Ixè/Coldiretti, only 24% of our compatriots are in favor of marketing cricket flour, while 54% are against it.

The product approval process started on July 8th 2020 from the European Commission which had requested its evaluation from the European Food Safety Authority. On March 23rd 2022, EFSA adopted a scientific opinion on the safety of whole partially defatted powder of Acheta domesticus (house cricket) as a novel food.

As specified in the Regulation published in the Official Journal of the EU, for a period of five years, starting from the date of entry into force of the new regulation (January 24th 2023), only the company Cricket One Co. Ltd is authorized to place Cricket One Co. Ltd on the market Union the new domestic cricket powder food. However, other applicants will be able to request authorization to trade.

Attached at the bottom of this EFA News is the EU Implementing Regulation authorizing the placing on the market of partially defatted domestic cricket powder.

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