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Pallini expands abroad and broadens the range of spirits

The company launches Limonzero, the first non-alcoholic limoncello, and brings Amaro Formidabile across the border

There is great excitement in the Pallini house. Known throughout the world for its Limoncello and Mistrà, the historic Roman distillery, the only one still active in the capital since the early twentieth century, is about to launch Amaro Formidabile abroad and Limonzero in Italy, the first alcohol-free version of limoncello. After a year full of projects, including acquisitions and new initiatives for the world of mixing, Pallini aims to expand further across the border and to consolidate itself in the premium and super-premium segments with products that complete its offer.

The company closed 2022 with a turnover of over 18 million euros, with a significant increase compared to previous years, and today it is present in cocktail bars, restaurants and wine bars all over the world with an offer of 100 products which includes syrups, bitters, a range of liqueurs for professional and home confectionery, liqueurs and distillates.

Abroad, where Pallini exports 85% of its turnover to 45 countries, one of its flagship amaros is about to be launched: Amaro Formidabile, produced and bottled in the company's historic factories. Acquired last year by the Roman liqueur Armando Bomba, Amaro Formidabile is an artisan product with a complex taste, the result of the 12 botanicals of which it is composed, including red china, Chinese rhubarb, rose nut, Roman absinthe, gentian , Calabrian orange peel, cola nut and star anise. “Looking abroad is a natural step for us, considering that more and more consumers from these countries appreciate Italian bitters – explains Micaela Pallini , fifth generation member of the family, who has been at the helm of the company for ten years, and since 2021 President of Federvini, first woman to hold this position – Amaro Formidabile will certainly be able to open up to new markets, where the bitter taste is highly sought after”.

In Italy, on the other hand, the ancient distillery is ready to launch a new extension to the line of the famous Limoncello Pallini, the second best-selling limoncello in the world, leader in the premium category, which marked a +35% in sales in 2022. of Limonzero, a 0% alcohol version, whose production chain will be traced on the blockchain and certified. “We are the first to do so – comments the Roman entrepreneur – This new formula embraces our classic limoncello taste, but with zero alcohol, prepared with Amalfi lemon infusion, gluten-free and with no artificial colouring. Once the limoncello is balanced, the formula is enriched with a touch of natural ginger to offer the warm and delicate taste typical of the classic Pallini Limoncello. Furthermore, the cold-extracted essential oils of lemon peel are mixed to obtain the decisive and fragrant aroma of the Sfusato Igp Lemon coming directly from the terraces of the Amalfi Coast”.

At the same time, Pallini is continuing to expand its distribution activity thanks to a progressive expansion of the range of products in its portfolio. In achieving this goal, the company favors those producers with similar paths to theirs, i.e. family businesses with a long-term development vision. As in the case of the Londoners Berry Bros & Rudd, the oldest "Wine Merchant" in London, producers of Gin No.3, the Pallini distilled London Dry Gin, decreed by the ISC (International Spirits Challenge) as The World's Best Gin Just No.3 Gin is at the center of some of the special events organized by Pallini to involve both bartenders and consumers. One of these is "The perfect aperitif", an initiative in which bartenders and chefs from all over Italy work together to create original and quality food pairings.

“Food pairing is one of the most important fronts on which quality mixing is being measured. A trend that we decided to ride with Gin No.3 – concludes Micaela Pallini – Ron Colon's Daiquiri Kombat also stands out in the calendar of events, an international contest between bartenders in which those who prepare their own daiquiri with quality and creativity have the upper hand in the shortest possible time". Through all these new initiatives, the objective of the Roman company is twofold: to consolidate both the positioning of the group as a producer of traditional Italian liqueurs and the activity of distributors of excellent brands on the Italian territory.

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