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More compact European breeders: Selma was born

Organizations from six countries among the members of the beef, sheep and goat meat supply chain

In a historic move, major European livestock and meat sector organisations, including Interbev (France), Febev (Belgium), Edok (Greece), OI Intercarneitalia (Italy), Provacuno and Interovic (Spain) and Pzbm (Poland), have come together to officially launch the first European association dedicated to the beef, sheep and goat meat supply chain, named Sustainable European Livestock & Meat Association (Selma). Selma's founding marks a significant milestone in the sector, with other European countries expressing keen interest in joining the association.

The main objective is to promote unity among stakeholders in the sector, with the aim of preserving the sustainable European model of ruminant husbandry. This collaboration aims to collectively represent the interests of the livestock and meat sector before European decision-makers on a broad spectrum of issues affecting their operations. The creation of Selma is the result of continuous cooperation between these European associations, which have already collaborated on several initiatives. This included submitting joint letters to the European Commission, supporting measures such as reciprocal trade agreements, the reform of the Inco regulation and the continued promotion of European meats to consumers.

Since many crucial decisions affecting the livestock and meat sector have originated in Brussels, rather than in individual Member States, the need for collective action on shared concerns has become indispensable. A notable example of this unity is the call for a cohesive European policy on free trade agreements, supported by numerous European countries. It is essential to ensure that imported agricultural and agri-food products meet the same rigorous standards and regulations applied at national and European levels. Furthermore, Selma identified other critical topics for joint collaboration, including the ongoing trilogue negotiations on the IED Directive, proposed directives on environmental claims and reviews of legislation regulating animal welfare, among others.

Following the recent elections, Selma's leaders are: president Guillaume Gauthier (Interbev); vice-president Alessandro de Rocco (OI Intercarneitalia); treasurer Michael Gore (Febev). The elected leaders will play a key role in guiding Selma's mission to represent and promote the interests of the European livestock and meat industry. The association will start its next work program by the end of 2023, continuing its commitment to promoting sustainable practices and representing the interests of the European livestock and meat industry.

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