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Diageo relies on ecoTote to push the circular economy

Agreement with EcoSpirits to use green packaging for Gordon’s, Captain Morgan and Smirnoff

Diageo is the first alcohol manufacturer to sign a global agreement with the hi-tech company ecoSpirits for the distribution of Gordon’s, Captain Morgan and Smirnoff in reusable glass packaging in 18 markets over the next three years. The aim of the agreement is the circular economy: ecoSpirits, in fact, offers the first technology in the world for the distribution of low-carbon alcohol with less waste, through a circular economy format, known as ecoTote. 

The three brands will use ecoSpirtis technology: it allows the distribution of spirits in a 4.5-litre ecoTote that is said to function like a barrel. This system guarantees a closed cycle circular economy: the emptied ecoTote will be collected, cleaned in external structures and then filled with the same distillate for subsequent distribution and use.

The ecoTote is designed for up to 150 uses, with the aim of replacing the consumption of up to 1,000 glass bottles during their life cycle. In addition, a potential carbon footprint advantage over the equivalent volume of liquid in 70cl glass bottles is expected after sixth use.

The launch of the new packaging on the first markets is scheduled for 2024 and marks a progression towards Diageo’s goal of reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 50% throughout the supply chain by 2030 reaching zero net emissions by 2050. The agreement follows Diageo’s ongoing ecoSpirits program with Smirnoff in Indonesia: started in 2022, the program is currently active in 38 bars. The partnership aims to provide Diageo with sustainability benefits, reducing carbon emissions and waste.

"This is another example of a triple victory where the planet, consumers and Diageo will all benefit -explains Ewan Andrew, president of the global supply chain and chief sustainability officer of Diageo-. We will be able to reduce carbon emissions and costs, and pubs and bars will benefit from the ease of having reusable alcohol packs". 

"The mission of ecoSpirits is to put an end to single-use glass in the alcohol and wine industry -underlines Paul Gabie, ceo of ecoSpirits-. For the circular economy to reach a global scale, innovators like ecoSpirits need the support of industry leaders like Diageo to catalyze the linear to circular packaging transition. Therefore, this new global partnership is a significant milestone for ecoSpirits and our journey to a circular future. We are grateful to our partners at Diageo for the seriousness of their commitment to a more sustainable and inclusive world".

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