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Brazzale Science Center: new laboratories dedicated to Tino Brazzale

The structures carry out research for the support and nutritional enhancement of milk and derivatives

Three years after the birth of the Brazzale Science Center, the history of academic scientific research in the company, at the service of innovation, is enriched with a new chapter: on Tuesday 9 April, at the headquarters in Cogollo del Cengio (Vi), the presentation and inauguration of the new Analytical Research Laboratories of the Brazzale Science Center which are dedicated to Tino Brazzale , doctor in industrial chemistry and for many years the company's technical manager. Founded by Fernando Tateo , professor of Food Science and Technology at UniMi, and by Monica Bononi , associate of Food Science and Technology at UniMi, the laboratories of the Bsc Center carry out analytical and technological research to fulfill the task of supporting and nutritionally enhancing milk and dairy products as well as to carry out Research and Development activities in the management of the extensive Brazzale production.

The activities of the Brazzale Science Nutrition & Food Research Center are presided over by Roberto Brazzale and Piercristiano Brazzale . “In such a beautiful moment, our thoughts go to our father Tino, “el dotòre”, to his Paduan university studies in industrial chemistry, to his bright analysis laboratory in Zanè where we spent so much of our childhood time with him, to his great kindness of soul, to his love for rationality, mathematics, puzzle games, animals. Thanks to the profound humanistic education that that generation enjoyed, it knew how to place science and its applications at the service of man and good, an instrument and not an end. Refractory to empty conventions and false myths, he lived in simplicity, far from worldliness, taking refuge among important things. “Literate by vocation, industrialist by necessity”, as he was defined, he dedicated himself to painting and writing, he taught us to recognize the beauty and precious function of literature, figurative art, music which was experienced with full involvement at home in his mother's concert activity, accompanied by him with passion", writes Roberto Brazzale , president of Brazzale.

The laboratory headquarters in Cogollo del Cengio (VI) has high-level scientific instrumentation, covering chromatography activities in the liquid phase and gas phase, equipped with recognition systems for MS and MS/MS spectroscopy. The BSC's park of analytical instruments, which has already seen the testing phase, is enabled for characterization studies of raw materials and finished products for the dairy sector, but ranges in applications of broad technological purpose in differentiated sectors related to the confectionery and derivatives industry, albeit with different nutritional purposes.

“The new BSC laboratories have as their primary objective in technology the use of natural substances and in analytics the identification and control of natural substances. They prefer those activities that allow the creation of products in which nature expresses itself at its highest level. But for raw materials, such as milk or cream, to fully express themselves, a profound knowledge of their intimate nature is necessary. Milk is a raw material of extraordinary complexity and the characteristics of the finished products depend on its composition, linked to environmental and management factors which can be known in an unthinkable way thanks to the use of advanced instrumentation and research expertise. It is no coincidence that the laboratories are named after Tino Brazzale : reading his degree thesis it is clear that he was already clear that the characteristics of the finished products are the result of the natural properties of milk and the optimal combination of the multiple compounds of which it is very rich" , explains Roberto Brazzale . “In the laboratories there are the tools and technologies necessary to achieve the higher objective of the Research Centre: knowledge aimed at making nature and its incomparable wonders best expressed. This is the vision that guides Bsc, on which it immediately found agreement with Fernando Tateo and Monica Bononi by establishing a complex research contract through Di.SAA-UniMi. An understanding that is also philosophical, human and a fusion between entrepreneurial and scientific mission".

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