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Agriculture strategic asset for Europe

Copa-Cogeca presents the "agricultural manifesto" for the next European elections

Repositioning agriculture as a strategic asset for Europe. This is the essence of the action of Copa and Cogeca that present their roadmap for the European elections to be held from 6 to 9 June. Copa and Cogeca today announced their European election manifesto during the meeting of the General Assembly and in the presence of representatives of all the major European political groups. Drawn up on the basis of the 2019-2024 mandate and with the aim of rediscovering strategic thinking for EU agriculture, The manifesto outlines seven key priorities for the European Commission’s next term of office, with four key enablers crucial to getting agriculture back on track.

"Agriculture has always been a cornerstone of the European project, playing a strategic role in the economy and ensuring food autonomy.A strategic role in the economy and guaranteeing the EU’s food autonomy - explains Lennart Nilsson, Cogeca president, presenting the manifesto-. However, it is crucial to focus again on rural areas and agriculture to regain the EU’s agricultural compass. The recent surge in agricultural protests underlines the urgency of this problem, highlighting the need for the European Union to give priority to rural areas and agriculture in its political agenda".

The presented document lists the many challenges that agriculture will face during the 2024-2029 mandate, showing the need for the EU to set priorities to prepare for agriculture in 2030. Copa and Cogeca have defined 7 main priorities in their manifesto, as well as a series of concrete political proposals, which will be presented in more detail during the European election campaign: in addition to the main priorities. In the document Copa and Cogeca ask a real revision of the agricultural budget to align environmental, geopolitical and financial ambitions. This should only be possible following a comprehensive impact assessment of the current agricultural policies at the beginning of the next mandate. A series of feasibility studies on new proposals will also be essential. European agricultural organisations also stress the growing need for coherence between the EU’s trade policy and its ambitions for the internal market.

Finally, from an institutional point of view, Copa-Cogeca makes two demands that are considered "strong": one is that of having a European Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Areas as Vice-President, the other is the strengthening of the strategic dialogue groups as a long-term tool for the Commission.

"During the 2019-2024 mandate, we faced a regulatory tsunami in agriculture with policies stemming from the Green Deal -stresses Christiane Lambert, President Copa-. In the next term, we want fewer but better regulations, with a less top-down, top-down approach, adequately funded and focused on enforcement on the ground. We know it is possible, we see it today with the strategic dialogue. We remain convinced Europeans and call on all rural voters to mobilize for these.rural elections to mobilize for these elections".

Copa-Cogeca is the union of the two major organizations: Copa (Committee of Agricultural Professional Organisations of the European Union), and Cogeca (General Confederation of Agricultural Cooperatives, ex-General Committee of Agricultural Cooperation of the European Union).

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