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Sabelli concludes acquisition of Stella Bianca

Common vision with growth objectives for the two historic dairy companies

A new phase of growth and development begins for Sabelli with the conclusion of the acquisition of Stella Bianca from Mila. The operation, announced at the end of May (read EFA News), "not a mere financial operation - specifies a note - but a wide-ranging industrial synergy, based on a common purpose, on shared values and objectives and on a philosophy common linked to attention, respect and quality, distinctive characteristics of both companies involved in the agreement".

The two companies have complementary products that make up a wide high-profile range: Sabelli, in fact, is among the leaders in the production of mozzarella, burrata and stracciatella, while Stella Bianca produces crescenza, robiola, spreads and goat's cheeses, very fresh cheeses that require the greatest attention at every stage of production and distribution. A point of reference for the Private Label market, Stella Bianca also brings with it Bustaffa, a historic Mantuan company founded by Giacobbe Bustaffa in 1921.

In the same year, 1921, Sabelli laid the foundation stone of what would become the company of the same name, now in its fourth generation. Stella Bianca also has its roots in a family tradition. Founded by a family from Lodi in 1978, the Lombard company has built its growth on values that unite it with Sabelli. "This agreement represents not only an expansion of our production capacity, but also a meeting of common values and traditions.

We share with Stella Bianca the passion for excellence and respect for the territory and our consumers", say Angelo Galeati and Simone Mariani , managing directors of Sabelli. "The new development opportunities that arise thanks to the entry into the Sabelli Group open prospects - productive, industrial and commercial - of great interest. Together, we will be able to further strengthen our offer and explore new markets”, comments Bruno Marchesi , general director of Stella Bianca.

With the acquisition of Stella Bianca, Sabelli aims to develop a wide-ranging industrial strategy, with the expansion into segments adjacent to the core business. Not only for PL but also for Sabelli brand products. “With the acquisition we will be able to push further on this growth prospect with new developments", conclude the managing directors of Sabelli. "We have a large production capacity still to be exploited, which will allow us to outline a path of increase, both in terms of volumes than of innovation".

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