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Purina launches Dogasnax and the first virtual pet food

An innovative collaboration is born between the world of entertainment and that of animal care

Purina, a leading pet-care company in Europe, announces the launch of Purina Dogasnax, the first virtual petfood brand, in collaboration with Dogamí Academy, the innovative dog racing gaming app, leader in the Web3 sector. A collaboration born in 2023 thanks first to the participation and then to the victory of Dogamí in Unleashed, the Purina Accelerator Lab program to support the most disruptive startups in the world of pet tech and pet care that want to find innovative solutions to enrich the lives of pets and the people who care for them by hand.

Dogamí Academy is a gaming app that creates epic Web3 dog races, available globally on iOS and Android in which players train and compete with their virtual companions, the Dogamí, in epic obstacle courses. To train them more effectively, players will now be able to offer them three types of Purina Dogasnax (Lite, Medium and Maxi), a virtual snack, the first of its kind, to increase their concentration during training and their performance, which will allow you to get more points. Furthermore, among the settings available to compete and overcome various obstacles, which represent the most iconic cities in the world, Purina has chosen to set up the streets of the city of Paris.

The DogamÍ Academy game is based on four fundamental pillars that define our commitment to fostering lasting connections within our community, encouraging players to excel as Dogamí trainers, to immerse themselves in an original and authentic universe, to cultivate friendships with their virtual pets and with their playmates. This allows them to develop their creativity in new and exciting ways.

The Purina partnership reflects these values and supports Dogamí in developing a community of pet lovers who can demonstrate their passion for pets through technology.

Dogamí are designed to provide company, joy and fun experiences to their owners and offer the opportunity to develop, even in a virtual environment, a strong sensitivity towards pet care and to benefit from the relationship that pets can have with people. With this project Purina invites all pet lovers to join this fun game to create a world where pets, both physical and virtual, demonstrate that #togetherisbetter.

"This exciting initiative translates into the virtual world the commitment we put into feeding and caring for pets every day and transforms the way in which pet lovers interact with pets in the virtual world. Looking ahead, this partnership also represents a This is just the beginning of a journey into digital spaces with immense potential represent a further step in communicating the value of pets within the lives of the people who love them", declares Fabio Degli Esposti , director of the Nppe Marketing Group, Nestlé Purina.

“Our partnership to create Purina Dogasnax marks an innovative collaboration between the worlds of entertainment and pet care, bringing the benefits of the relationship with pets into a virtual community of pet lovers. Together with Purina we are creating a new paradigm, reinventing pet food within the world of virtual entertainment,” says Kristofer D. Penseyres, co-founder and CBO of Dogamí.

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