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Italy. The Euganean Hills become a UNESCO reserve

Local Protection Consortium: "Extraordinary opportunity for our territory and our wines"

The Euganean Hills have been included in the UNESCO List of World Biodiversity Reserves. The decision of the UNESCO Intergovernmental Council which met in Agadir, Morocco, unanimously decreed the inscription in the UNESCO MAB List.

The Mab UNESCO World Reserves include 748 sites around the world, 20 of which are in Italy: "unique places in the world, where it is possible to ensure eco-compatible development and a liveable environment in a global context characterized by processes of rapid urbanization and excessive energy consumption considered as triggers of climate change". With the inscription of the Euganean Hills, Veneto has achieved 18 UNESCO recognitions, including four Mab reserves (Po Grande, Po Delta, Monte Grappa, Euganean Hills).

The landscape of the Euganean Hills is characterized by 81 volcanic hills, including the imposing Monte Venda, which rises between spas and green plains adorned with olive groves and vineyards.
Spread across 15 municipalities, the area is rich in natural and cultural heritage. The region's volcanic history and thermal waters make this area the largest thermal basin in Europe. With a total area of 341 km², the Biosphere Reserve is home to a population of 111,368 inhabitants.

This region promotes sustainable agriculture and ecotourism, while ensuring participatory governance, in order to lay the foundation for harmonious coexistence between human economic activities and environmental conservation.

For the Euganean Hills Protection Consortium, this is "an important goal for the Veneto and for Italy, to the achievement of which viticulture has also contributed significantly".

“The inclusion of the Euganean Hills in the List of UNESCO World Biodiversity Reserves is an extraordinary opportunity for our territory and for our wine", states the president of the Consorzio Tutela Colli Euganei Gianluca Carraro . "We have supported the candidacy, of which we feel an active part. Our viticulture is an expression of biodiversity, just think that over 30 different vines are grown here."

A biodiversity that also involves attention to the environment, with respect for landscape constraints, and the use of low-impact cultivation techniques thanks to which hundreds of animal and plant life forms are preserved. “Our vineyards cover a considerable area of the Park, over 3000 hectares, and contribute to the protection and conservation of the territory. With their daily work, producers are committed to the management of water, forests and soil, a fundamental role today in light of climate changes which are manifesting themselves more and more frequently", concludes Carraro .

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