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Geographical Indications: the EU recognizes "Piana del Sele Cauliflower"

This brings the number of Italian PDOs, PGIs and TSGs to 327

Italian Ministry of Agriculture informs today that another important milestone has been achieved for quality Italian agri-food: Italy can boast further recognition of Protected Geographical Indications. The European Commission has published in today's Official Journal of the European Union L series the recognition of the PGI "Cauliflower della Piana del Sele" ( PGI ). The number of Italian PDOs , PGIs and TSGs recognized at European level thus rises to 327, confirming our nation's leadership in the field of geographical indications in agri-food. The Cauliflower of the Piana del Sele is a typical product, inseparably linked to its territory, whose recognition will allow its prestige and quality to be safeguarded on the national and European markets.

The climate of the Sele Plain characterized by the thermoregulatory action exerted jointly by the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Alburni mountain range, which protects the territory from the cold winds coming from the Balkans, interacts positively with the pedological peculiarities of the soil which is made up of a thick surface layer of soil, of a volcanic-alluvial nature, formed as a result of the various eruptions of Vesuvius as well as the alluvial activity of the Sele river.

This has generated soils very rich in macro and microelements, in particular potassium, calcium, magnesium and iron, which are involved in the metabolic processes that give the product its exclusive characteristics of resistance to cooking and therefore crunchiness, as well as the conspicuous value of magnesium , by stimulating greater photosynthetic activity, contributes both to increasing sweetness and to fixing a more attractive green color of the leaves. All this has sparked widespread appreciation of the "Caulifiore della Piana del Sele" corymbs, evidenced by the continuous increase in production recorded over the years.

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