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Illva Saronno opens a branch in the UK

The new company will open in 2021. Neil Jardine appointed managing director

The Italian liquor company Illva Saronno will launch its branch in 2021, marking the end of its twenty-year collaboration with William Grant & Sons UK.

The Italian liquor company Illva Saronno will open its own branch in 2021 in the United Kingdom, marking the end of its twenty-year collaboration with William Grant & Sons UK. The new British company will be called Disaronno International UK and will take full control of the distribution, sales and marketing of the Illva Saronno brands in the United Kingdom, including Disaronno and Tia Maria. The breakdown of the partnership with William Grant & Sons UK will take effect from December 2020.

Neil Jardine, currently director of business in the country, has been promoted to managing director of Disaronno International UK. "We have been collaborating with William Grant & Sons UK for over 20 years - said Jardine -. Our relationship is wide and deep and as two family-owned companies we share many of the same values and principles. Together we have created a successful company in the Kingdom United, testifying to the professionalism and dedication that the William Grant & Sons UK team has shown continuously. The next chapter of Illva Saronno is extremely exciting. We are bringing innovation to the center of our company with the aim of shaking the category and reinvigorate our already well-loved brands. We will announce two new products soon, which we will bring to the British market in the coming months and to do so we will continue to work closely with William Grant & Sons UK. Our portfolio of premium brands of Sicilian wines (Florio, Duca By Salaparuta and Corvo) offers us a huge opportunity at a time when trade in the UK is focusing in particular lare on Italy and Sicily. In addition, we have invested significantly in Irish whiskey, creating an absolutely unique mix of products with a distinctly Irish look and feel. We will begin Disaronno International's trip to the United Kingdom in 2021, during an exciting year for the company, that is when we will launch this new concept on the market ".

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