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The Amaro del Capo acquires Petrus, the historic Dutch brand

The deal is part of a larger project of growth for the Calabrian Company owned by Caffo Family

The Amaro del Capo acquires Petrus. The historic Dutch brand, until yesterday under the multinational Diageo, has passed to the Calabrian Caffo 1915 group whose main product is the Antico Amaro del Capo and which includes, among other products, the Elixir Borsci S.Marzano and the Magilli distilleries. With this acquisition, the Italian company sees expanding its role in Europe. Petrus, in fact, for its organoleptic characteristics, is part of a category of spirits very appreciated in Germany and in general throughout northern Europe. 

Initially run by the Dutch Boonekamp family, the brand has changed several properties over the past century. In Italy it had been launched by Gio.Buton, a historic Bolognese company operating in the alcohol sector, before moving on to the Cinzano Group which was subsequently acquired, with all its brands, including Petrus, from Guinness. The brand then merged into the multinational Diageo. 

The acquisition of Petrus, explains Sebastiano Caffo vice president and CEO of the Caffo 1915 Group, "is part of a larger project of growth for external lines, diversification and internationalization of the group. Petrus Boonekamp is the oldest among the bitters on the market (it was born in 1777)". 

Petrus' revitalization plan designed by Caffo envisages the reorganization and strengthening of the presence abroad, starting from northern Europe, in particular Holland and neighboring countries such as Benelux and Germany.

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