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Mareblu (Thai Union): a new 'drop-proof' tuna adv campaign in Italy

The new spot emblem of authenticity, practicality and Italian style

The new Mareblu Tuna in Oil arrives on Italian tables thanks to a new commercial spot broadcast by the main national televisions, a sequel to the advertising campaign launched in July 2020. Mareblu, a company of the Thai Union group, known for being among the top brands in canned fish from the Italian market, proposes a new tuna that does not need to be drained. The spot underlines the 'practicality', the taste and the easy usability of the new Mareblu tuna. A practical and quick solution to take to the sea and excellent for dinners with friends and family lunches. This is the frame chosen for the Mareblu advertising, which has as its protagonists the members of a family who have fun demonstrating how Mareblu tuna 'does not drip'. A father shows his daughter, between somersaults and jumps on the king bed, how Mareblu is a 'drop-proof' tuna. This cool and serene ambience can also be found in the first spot of July, where a bungee jumper illustrated to consumers the reasons why Mareblu tuna was her favorite. Furthermore, the campaign aims to convey to consumers the importance of a healthy, simple, genuine and easy to make diet, through messages such as "a little oil, a lot of tuna", or "Mareblu tuna does not drip".

Marina Chiesa , Mareblu's Marketing & Innovation Manager explained how "the advertising campaign intends to reaffirm the positioning of the brand, which is based on the combination of a healthy life, a genuine diet and the convenience of the company's products. Importance of a fresh and innovative language, it is necessary to convey the message to consumers in a clear and direct way". Therefore, thanks to this advertising campaign, in particular this second spot in August, Mareblu tuna is proposed as a quality, practical and easy to consume, an inevitable product on the tables of Italian families ".

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