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Noberasco focuses on the Italian peanut supply chain

The company's top management illustrate the historic agreement with Sis and Coldiretti

The collaboration between SIS, Società Italiana Sementi (BF Group), Noberasco and Coldiretti, has given way to the rebirth of the Italian peanut supply chain (see EFA News of 10/9/2020 ). The demand for this product on the Italian market is now almost entirely covered by foreign products, generally imported from Israel, Egypt and the United States of America. A national peanut supply chain therefore has enormous development potential and will see in the coming years the whole sector committed to reactivating all the agricultural and industrial aspects necessary to respond to a demand from consumers that promises to be of great value and could lead to cultivation. of over thirty thousand hectares in the area.

The consumption of dried fruit by Italians has doubled in the last ten years, reaching three kilos each. Smaller, darker and with a particular taste and all to be discovered compared to conventional types, the Italian peanut seed is deposited in the field in April and harvested in mid / late September; it needs peaty soils, high temperatures and many hours of light, all characteristics that blend perfectly with the Italian climate. Precisely for these characteristics the region that has seen this cultivation most developed was Emilia-Romagna and in particular the area of Ferrara.

Noberasco is a Ligurian food company founded in 1908, today a leader in Italy in the dried and dehydrated fruit sector thanks to the expertise gained in over a century of activity. The company expects to close in 2020 reaching a turnover of around 120 million euros, up 10-12% compared to last year, and with an ebitda margin of the order of 7-8%.

In the video Mattia Noberasco , Gabriele Noberasco and Andrea Aufiero (CEO, President and Value Chain Manager of Noberasco respectively), explain the value of this agreement.

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