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"Poty": Hexagro's technology for growing healthy and sustainable food

You can save up to 90% of water and also sow on the terrace of the house

The new agricultural technology of the startup Hexagro, born in Milan in 2017, is collecting more and more awards and is expanding in several countries around the world. The idea behind the project is to be able to grow healthy and nutritious food directly on your own terrace.

The project was born from the thesis of Felipe Hernande , cofounder of the startup, who supported the excessive use of chemical agents in agriculture and proposed the implementation of new technologies. The embryonic technology consisted of a tree that did not need soil and sprayed water and nutrients onto the plants.

Alessandro Grampa , co-founder of Hexagro, said "You save up to 90% of water compared to traditional agriculture and up to 30-40% of nutrients because the seeds are organic and there is no need for chemicals: in a world threatened by aridity caused by climate change are fundamental innovations. We wanted to bring nature back to where people spent their time, therefore in the office or in work spaces. But Covid has changed this paradigm and the home has become the place par excellence ".

The starting start-up has now been transformed into "poty", a vertical garden formed by four-leaf clover pots capable of holding up to 40 plants in less than one square meter. Poty has an autonomous irrigation system and a chatbot that guides the user through the various stages of cultivation.

"For every poty we sell in the West, we install one in Colombia with the support of the NGO Fundaces. We look to other developing countries to support growers who are struggling with climate change. We provide them with even simpler modules. with the only difference that in these projects a small greenhouse is created where about ten potys are inserted. We want to launch the project "adopt a farmer in another country" to unite people in a community that can bring mutual benefits ", commented Grampa.

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