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"R Factor", Forum of the Economy of Romagna

Among the speeches there will be that of Joseph Stiglitz

Back with the fourth edition,  "R Factor", the forum of the economy of Romagna, to be held in "Cesena Fiera", on October 16th. The event will see the participation of companies, institutions, trade associations, prominent personalities both nationally and internationally.

The discussion will focus on three macro-areas: the evolution of the demand for goods and services: digital consumption and physical consumption; productivity: the role of physical and digital infrastructures and how they affect local businesses; how to train the leaders of the future: the role of universities, smart working and socialization.

Among the speeches there will be that of Joseph Stiglitz, Nobel Prize for economics, which in connection with the United States, will start from the effects of Covid19 on the global context and on Italy with specific reference to Romagna. It will then be the turn of the economist Veronica De Romanis, and of several entrepreneurs who have personally suffered the effects of the lockdown. The debate will be animated by the presence of entrepreneurs also from Emilia, Marche and Umbria.

This year "R Factor" will be enriched by connections from Bologna, Ancona and Perugia. Leading, the Rai journalist Gianluca Semprini and the Mediaset journalist Simona Branchetti.

The presentation of an analysis carried out by EY is scheduled, which took into consideration 100,000 companies with a turnover above 2 million euros, and studied the impact of Covid-19 on some production sectors at the provincial level. The analysis will show how the demand for goods and services has changed, how this will change the leadership of the future and have repercussions on productivity in general; finally, the investments necessary for the development of digital and physical infrastructures will be discussed.

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