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Food & Beverage after the pandemic

A research conducted by Coqtail Milano and Augusto Contract

What will be the new trends in the world of catering in 2021 after the pandemic? This is the question that "Coqtail Milano", the first community on Italian mixology specialized in researching trends in the food & beverage sector, tried to answer. An analysis carried out with the sponsorship of "Augusto Contract", an Italian company that creates turnkey premises for the Foodservice.

Covid-19 has affected the finances and habits of consumers, who increasingly choose a dinner at home rather than an evening at the restaurant. Tourism has experienced a sharp decline and future forecasts do not reveal any positive signs. The research was carried out in Milan, emblem of the union between food, beverage and social life. The community survey is based on the moods of consumers and the strategies implemented by entrepreneurs to get back on their feet after months of lockdown. To these are added the opinions of some exponents among the leaders of the sector.

The study has resulted in 5 new trends in food & beverage: "From fast food to fast gourmet - New administration logics", "On the go - Outside the restaurant as at home", "Sicurezza Trasparente", "Toucless experience - Largo a digitization and sensors "and" Service is the re - Personalization of the experience ".

It was analyzed that before the lockdown, 81% went out to eat and drink 1 to 3 times a week and 46% of the respondents missed it very much. Among the reasons given, 39.6% of the subjects taken in the sample declared that they wanted to go back to eating out to be with people, 28.3% expressed the desire to have fun; socialization is in fact seen in a positive way if respectful of safety distances, by 25% of the interviewees. To fill the lack of weekly output, 61% of subjects ordered deliveries on average 1-3 times a week, while only 11% of the Milanese sample made use of the cocktail delivery service.

From the 40 entrepreneurs interviewed, the need emerged to readjust spaces and rethink activities to meet new needs and limit infections. 85% placed the toilets among the spaces that most need a structural change, followed by the entrance / cloakroom (78%), the delivery delivery areas (62%), checkouts (43%), the bar counter (30%) ), the consumption areas (26%), kitchen (22%), plonge (15%) and service areas (9%).

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