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The "Community of the Rite of Espresso Coffee" is born

The support campaign to win Unesco is launched

On the occasion of the world coffee day scheduled for next 1st October 2020, the Consortium for the protection of traditional Italian espresso coffee announces the birth of the "Community of the Rite of Espresso Coffee" and launches the campaign to support the candidacy of the made product in Italy to "Intangible Heritage of Humanity".

The initiative aims to collect signatures and artistic contributions for the preparation of an e-book. Coffee lovers will be able to tell a personal experience linked to the daily coffee ritual, in the form of poetry, photography, written story or drawing, actively participating in the writing of what will be a real collection that can be downloaded for free from the official channels of the community.

Giorgio Caballini, president of Ctceit, commented: "Espresso coffee in Italy is much more than a daily ritual. A fundamental part of our culture and our sociality revolves around this simple gesture that millions of Italians perform every morning. a way for each of us to feel part of a community and it is also the reason why we, all together, intend to support and protect a ritual linked to our traditions and our history, which represents and identifies us all over the world " .

Luigi Morello, president of the scientific committee of Ctceit, added: "What we wanted to do was to bring together all the regional coffee communities, uniting the whole country. Each of these has its own peculiarities and consumption habits but all are united by the same values: inclusiveness, culture, sociability, history and traditions ".

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