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#CiockDown: Eurochocolate's surrender to the pandemic

The 27th edition of the "sweetest" event in Perugia has been deleted

The 27th edition of Eurochocolate was scheduled for October 16, a famous annual event dedicated to the culture of chocolate in the city of Perugia. Just 7 days from the start, following an ordinance of the Umbria Region, the organizers were forced to cancel the event due to logistical difficulties.

According to the new restrictions established by the regional administration, the duration of the event should have been reduced from 10 to just 4 days, and the event could have hosted a maximum of 500 people. According to the organizers, these restrictions would have risked transforming the event into a serious problem of public order "which we do not intend in any way to affect the city of Perugia and its citizens, on our many fans and on the police already engaged on several fronts ", reads the press release published on the official website.

Eugenio Guarducci , president of Eurochocolate, commented: "We know that the decisions taken have been conditioned in recent days by a negative evolution of the data referring to the pandemic. However, other types of initiatives have been spared, with a qualitatively high temporal tactic. numerically very impactful which evidently enjoy immunities unknown to the secular world of companies and which science and / or religion may perhaps help us to understand better. The protection of public health and the safety of all of us are two non-intermittent values, to which obviously we always pay the utmost attention and that have deeply inspired our work in recent months, within a perimeter designed by the Dpcm of August 8, which allows us to organize types of events such as Eurochocolate. Given the lack of implementation protocols, we we had to push even further, with targeted and restrictive projects which go lore has been recognized by many ”.

Guarducci then went on to thank the president of the regional council of Umbria, the mayor of Perugia, the prefect and the police chief of the city, the event team, the sponsors and the numerous partners.

Finally, after announcing what many have already defined the "ciockdown", the organizers appeal to the central government asking to devote the right attention to the tourism / events / fairs sector, supporting it in this emergency with measures   extraordinary. "The announced extension of the Cig beyond December 31, 2020 should be considered only a piece of a much more articulated mosaic of protections that must be put in place and that must provide for much more incisive actions than those already provided for in the previous decrees".

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