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World Halal Authority (Wha) lands in the UK

The Italian certification body expands its services to the UK

The Italian certification body World Halal Authority (Wha) has decided to provide its services also in England. In Italy there are already several companies that have obtained the certification of Wha, such as Mutti, Granarolo, Parmalat and Pomì, which allows them to export to any country they wish without limitations. This market represents a great opportunity for companies to expand their business; the Halal market in Italy was estimated at 5 billion dollars, while world Halal consumption exceeded 2.3 trillion dollars in 2018, of which 1.3 trillion in the food & beverage sector alone. Another key element that pushes Italian companies to want to certify their products is the number of people of Muslim faith that grows exponentially every day and the real passion of Middle Eastern consumers for made in Italy products. Halal allows him to have access to a catchment area, which otherwise he would not be able to buy from them.

Saqib Mohammed , regional director of the English branch, said: "Giving Muslim consumers access to products that truly respect Halal precepts is not easy, but Wha is one of the few organizations in the world that truly puts heart and soul into this goal. . I am sure that by working together we will be able to change this market ".

Each country uses a different standard to validate a certification, and this fragmented regulation means that not all Halal certifications are internationally recognized, and not all allow you to export your products to any country you wish. To overcome this problem Wha has created a certification standard that has been validated by the accreditation bodies of all the nations of the world. WHA is, to date, the most accredited certification body in the world, as well as one of the few bodies in Europe that allows companies to access the Halal market in countries such as Singapore, Turkey, Indonesia and Malaysia.

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